The Valleyfresh name is synonymous with the supply of high quality imported produce.

Established nearly 20 years ago, Valleyfresh has developed a comprehensive product range and extensive network to become a global leader in the supply of fresh produce. We have worked hard to become the first choice for the worldwide procurement and supply of fresh produce. Our commitment to quality, supply and innovation is backed up by our international procurement team.

Valleyfresh provides specialised services which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. Valleyfresh’s purpose built facilities are designed to maximise supply chain efficiencies. Our production teams are trained to deliver professional customer service and high quality standards.

Our mission

We strive to be our customer’s first choice for the procurement and supply of fresh produce. Our mission is to surpass our customers requirements and expectations at all times.

Our values

The values of our company underpin our decision-making and drive our business operations. These values portray the spirit in which we strive toward achieving our vision and mission.

  • Continuous improvement
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Client focus
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Efficient and effective use of resources
  • Leadership
  • Participatory decision-making with open and honest communication
  • Accountability


Valleyfresh sources and distributes a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world.


Valleyfresh provides a range of specialised services which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. Our purpose built facilities are designed to ...


Valleyfresh Global is recognised as a world leader in the supply of fresh produce.


Valleyfresh Australia's import division is recognised as one of Australia's leading fresh produce importers.